Thanksgiving 2011

How awesome is it that my first blog post is about food?!? ;D

Anyhoo, this year was the first year that I attempted to prepare the all-important holiday meal by myself. I approached it nonchalantly; two days before the holiday, I sat down next to my husband, Dorian, while he was playing a video game and asked what he’d like to have for the meal. “Corn,” he replied, while shooting the bad guys. “Ooh! And those biscuits you made the other day!”

…Okay, so we’re confirmed for turkey, corn, and biscuits. “Is that all?” I asked.

“And anything you want, too,” he said.

My mind immediately turned to the Thanksgiving dinners my grandparents routinely prepare for my family – Turkey, ham, corn, macaroni and cheese, biscuits, deviled eggs, stuffing, greens, mashed potatoes with gravy, black-eyed peas, various desserts…Yeah, there was no way I was cooking all of that.

I decided to add mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole to the menu. For our family of five, it seemed like a formidable menu.

Thanksgiving morning, I woke up and walked into the kitchen. Determined not to fall under the crushing pressure I felt to produce a memorable meal, I banished my husband and three young children from the kitchen and got to work.

The first thing I tackled was the turkey. After all, that took the longest time to cook. I pulled out the roasting oven and plopped the thawed, rinsed, gutted, unseasoned turkey inside. Dorian begged me to season the turkey, but I reminded him of his banishment from the kitchen and he begrudgingly retreated. Besides, the wrapping on the turkey said it had already been “injected with seasoning”. (o_O)

Once the turkey was cooking I started on the green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, then corn, and finally the biscuits. Ooh, the biscuits.

I’ve gotten so many inquiries about the biscuits that I decided to post the recipe.

Five hours later, I ended up with a rather impressive spread to feed my family, if I do say so myself:

You may notice that the turkey looks like it’s been seasoned. That’s because I caved after my husband battered me with a barrage of requests to “give the bird some flavor”. So I whipped up a glaze and basted that bad boy for the last half-hour of cooking. Isn’t it beautiful?

Overall, cooking the holiday meal wasn’t as daunting of a task as I imagined it would be (mostly because my family actually heeded my warning to stay out of the kitchen). And I only burned myself twice! Compared to some stories I’ve heard, I made out pretty good.

What was your first Thanksgiving cook-a-thon like? Any horror stories? Any dishes you were particularly proud of? Leave a comment below!

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