Five (more) Things You Can Only Do With Babies (from Babycenter)

1.  Getting a chance to (finally) indulge in uber-girliness.  Until Talia came along, I was the only female in the house, which left me clawing and scratching for some sense of femininity among the neanderthalic, primitive men of the house.  By the time Brad was born, I had succumbed to the testosterone and given up making it a priority to do my hair, paint my nails or wear perfume.  Now that Talia is here, I have a newborn (pun TOTALLY intended) reason to put makeup on, wear skirts and wait for the boys to open the door for me.  And, as an added bonus, it’s super nice to hear my boys tell me how pretty I am (I didn’t think they would notice).  🙂

2.  Make weird noises in the grocery store aisle.  When you’re the next aisle over and can’t see what’s going on and all you hear is someone talking crazy gibberish, your mind floods with all the possibilities of what weirdness awaits you when you turn the corner.  But then you turn the corner and you see me making googly eyes and raspberrying my baby while she gleefully kicks her cute little fat feet and you think “Oh, it’s just a mom playing with her kid, how sweet.”

3.  Admire those fat rolls.  Let’s face it, there’s something magical about the chubby little fat rolls that envelop a baby’s thighs and turn their ankles into cankles.  But when was the last time you saw an adult’s cankles and said to yourself “Aww, how cute!”?  Never.

4.   Brush off the burble.  Spit-up (or burble, as its called in my household) is a daily occurrence around here.  Talia burbles, she laughs about it and continues being a cutie pie.  Conversely, if Deuce or Brad burbles, we’ve got to stop, change their clothes, calm their nerves, and pull them out of school for a day for observation.  And they definitely don’t laugh about it.

5.  Take pictures that they’ll be embarrassed about other people seeing when they get older.  Case in point:

Baby Deuce’s fish face

Baby Brad in “crib jail”

Baby Talia blowing a raspberry

’nuff said.

So what do you just love about babies?  What do you cherish about a baby that is uniquely “babyish”?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Five (more) Things You Can Only Do With Babies (from Babycenter)

  1. Hey just found this blog, been looking around at a few websites but this post is one of the best I have read. Great work!

  2. Love this post. There are so many things you can only do with babies. And holidays are so much more fun when kids are involved! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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