Chicken Strips and Cops

Last night we decided to stop at a restaurant for dinner.  I’ll save you the boring details and get to the nitty-gritty:

We asked for three orders of chicken strips.  Each order has five strips.  In total, we ordered 15 chicken strips.  (Note:  This is NOT one of the questions on that pizzeria intelligence test.)

We ate six chicken strips.  We sent the remaining nine back to the kitchen because they were so salty they bordered on being inedible.  The waitress apologized and said she’d adjust our bill accordingly.

When our bill came, we realized that we were charged for two orders of chicken strips.  I asked the waitress to explain why we were being charged for the two orders.  After all, we didn’t eat two orders’ worth.  The waitress referred us to the manager, who believed that we’d only sent back six chicken strips and therefore felt justified in charging us for two orders.

I politely explained to him that we had only consumed six chicken strips, not nine, and thus would only pay for one order.  The manager then informed us that the police would be called if we continued to argue the bill.

– W H O A –

Back up.  When did this become an argument?  And did he just tell us that he was going to call the POLICE?  Okay.  Bring it.  Call the cops.  This should be fun.

Twenty minutes later the police arrived.  While we waited, I took Deuce to the bathroom, took him out to the van (he originally wanted to wait with me in the restaurant, but later decided to join Dorian, Brad and Talia in the van), and returned to the building.  I remained calm the entire time.  Both Zoron (the manager) and I explained our sides to the police, and ultimately they sided with the restaurant.  I had to pay for two orders of salty, inedible chicken strips, one of which we didn’t even eat.  Regardless that Zoron and I did not agree on how many chicken strips had been returned, the fact still remained that we had consumed at least ONE chicken strip from the second order, resulting in a partial order being returned.  Since a partial order was returned, they charged me for the full order.

I call shenanigans on this one.  I can’t answer for what happened to the three MIA chicken strips that mysteriously vanished.  Maybe they fell on the floor?  Maybe someone in the kitchen  ate them?  Who knows?  I should have only had to pay for one full order, plus a partial order at the most, not two full orders.  And don’t even get me started on the wasted taxpayer dollars…

Who was right?  What do you think?  Have you ever argued with a restaurant about a discrepancy on the bill?  And am I the only one who noticed that Zoron’s name rhymes with “moron”?  Leave a comment!

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One thought on “Chicken Strips and Cops

  1. I think everyone else was afraid to comment on this one or something!

    I personally don’t tend to argue with people (unless I’m really close to them relationally). That being said, I don’t necessarily side with Mor… I mean Zoron. But I probably would have just paid the bill instead of letting the cops get involved. I don’t like talking to cops (they make me nervous!). I have this extreme fear of getting in trouble with authority, I’ve been like that my entire life. So I always try to stay unnoticed so as to not attract any negative attention… Sometimes this means I may not get positive attention either, but as long as I can avoid negative attention, I’m good!

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