You Can Keep Your Holiday Cheer, Fakeroni.

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It’s that time of year that you either love or hate.  While I am normally the type that relishes the holidays, I can honestly say that in the last few years my view of the holidays has taken on a slightly bitter, bah-humbugian perspective.

Now I’m not implying that I loathe the holidays; that’s far from the truth.  What I am trying to convey, however, is my disdain for the fake jolly attitudes, the endless bombardment of advertisements, and that one radio station that decides to start playing Christmas music…The day after Thanksgiving.

Toys R Us is vowing to keep its stores open for 112 consecutive hours in order to give their shoppers “around-the-clock convenience and savings”.  Oh, thank you, TRU.  Until I read that press release, I was on pins and needles trying to figure out how I was going to take care of all my holiday shopping!  Thank you for offering me this unprecedented convenience!

When was the last time you suffered through a conversation with a cashier who was forced to portray a jolly demeanor while working overtime that they didn’t want?  I just love it when they half-heartedly ask me if I want paper or plastic to bag my ho-ho-eggnog.

This time of year, and the true meaning behind it, should not be lost in the shuffle of driving from store to store in efforts to catch a sale.  It should not be wasted by putting on airs of jolliness.  And it should not be overshadowed by the disappointment of not getting the gift you lobbied so hard for.

My husband and I are trying to instill in our children a deeper value, one that continues past the holidays.  One that reminds them that these times are not to be focused on how much they can get, but how much more they can give.  For example, this year my children will be donating the toys that don’t get played with that often to less fortunate children.  I feel that it is important to teach them empathy and to understand that they should not take what they have for granted.  Besides, their grandparents are going to shower them with gifts anyway.  Need to make room, right?

Am I being a Scrooge?  Are my rose-colored glasses broken, or do you agree that the holidays have lost their true meaning?  Sound off by leaving a comment below!

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