I Think You’re Missing The Point.

I’ve been following this post on Babycenter ever since Michelle Duggar announced that she and her husband Jim Bob had lost their 20th child due to miscarriage.  In the post the author, Sara McGinnis, says:

“Personally I share just about none of the same convictions as the Duggars. I can’t fathom having that many children, nor do I think it is God who “blesses” people with babies.”

The following 226 comments display a litany of responses from people who sadly missed the point of the post entirely.  Or maybe they didn’t, but upon reading that excerpt forgot what they were originally going to say.  Responders proceeded to rip McGinnis a new one; afer all, how dare she express her own viewpoint regarding Michelle Duggar’s miscarriage in her blog post?  Please, people.  If you can’t tell I was being sarcastic there, please go play in traffic.

Numerous responders called McGinnis “ignorant”, “snarky”, and if you read between the lines, an atheist.  If I may go on a tangent here, when was our right to free speech taken away?  McGinnis goes on to say,

“That aside, I am a fan of 19 Kids and Counting and think this particular family is one of the kindest out there. My heart goes out to the Duggars on the loss of their 20th child.”

That’s all that matters.  She reported on a story in the news while offering her opinion in her blog post which, if I recall correctly, is what rests at the heart of blogging – her opinion.

And don’t even get me started on the backlash the media has given to The Duggars regarding their decision to distribute these photos at the memorial service for the baby:

Image courtesy of TMZ.com

Image courtesy of TMZ.com

Image courtesy of TMZ.com

Image courtesy of TMZ.com

I’ll rant about that in another blog post.

Do you keep up with The Duggars?  What kinds of things have you read about Michelle’s miscarriage lately?  Do you think it’s right for people to impose their own opinions about their lifestyle?  Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “I Think You’re Missing The Point.

  1. Hi Christina,

    It’s crazy how upset and mean people can get when they don’t agree with someone else’s opinion.

    I personally think that two people should not be bringing 20 children into the world (talk about overpopulation, lol!) But wow, I didn’t know that the Duggars also basically “sold” those baby memorial photos to the media. blech. makes me sick.

    I’m not trying to trash the Duggars or anything, I personally just don’t agree with their reasons for their lifestyle. Many children have to live in foster care and/or don’t have a family at all, and if the Duggars have such a huge heart for children, why don’t they just adopt some?

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