Year 2011, In Pictures

Happy Holidays to you!

Here is an exciting, interesting way to display the highlights of your year in picture form.

I chose 60ish pictures from all the ones we took this year that I thought highlighted different parts of our year.  Then, using Picasa, created this collage.  Create one of your own, then print it at your local printing kiosk.  It’s quite a handsome way to show off a year’s worth a pictures in a consolidated space.

Couldn’t you just imagine hanging this in an awesome frame and displaying it on your wall?  This is also a great way to share a lot of pictures with family and friends at once.  Print off a 16×20 of this be the envy of every wannabe domestic diva!  😉

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2 thoughts on “Year 2011, In Pictures

  1. What a beautiful collage of all your photos 🙂 Really cool idea

  2. nicestguyinthegame

    I really love this collection of pics! I hope in 2012 we will have some to add of my side of the family as well!

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