…Annnnd, We’re Off And Running

We’re in 2012 now.  The vacations are over and we’re getting back on schedule.  Dorian returned to work yesterday after being off for the last six weeks recovering from an emergency appendectomy.  Deuce is back in school as well, and I’m bringing up the rear because I haven’t jumped on board with my schedule yet.  I plan to get in check by going to bed on time this evening.  I promise!

2012 is already proving to be a year of change – my sister Jen got a job offer and is relocating to Chicago; and my dear friend Adrienne is getting married later this year!  As an added bonus, I’m one of Adrienne’s bridesmaids!  I’ve never had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid before.  I’m so excited!

This is the dress I'm wearing for Adrienne's wedding! (Just in a different color)

I’ve never really followed tradition by having a set of resolutions I hope to attain by year’s end.  If I had to resolve to improve anything, I would try to put more effort into myself.  Being a stay-at-home wife and mother to three children under the age of five makes it very easy and convenient for me to forget my needs and place myself on the back burner.  But if the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that procrastination is almost never the correct answer.  Why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today?  Just do it and get it over with.  Quit waiting for other things to fall into place first.  Quit over analyzing situations and psyching yourself out.  Quit making excuses.

Close to the end of my pregnancy with Talia, I decided I would color my hair (beforehand, of course) and wear makeup every day that I was in the hospital.  Why?  Because of the crapload of pictures you’re bound to take and have taken when you give birth, silly.  I was completely unprepared when Deuce was born, but I didn’t know any better either.  When Brad came along, I was partially ready – I at least had my hair done.  But there are pictures from both of those births where I look at myself and think “Gosh, I looked like crap.”

And then Talia was born.

Having our first girl only added fuel to my superficial fire.  By no means am I superficial, but I can only image how I must sound to you as you read this.

I was determined to not be disappointed/embarrassed/sad about my appearance in Talia’s (and all future babies) birth pictures.  Yes, barring the fact that I’d just pushed out a 7+ pound baby (our smallest one, btw), you have to understand that these pictures are for posterity, folks!  I don’t want to be flipping through a picture book 25 years from now, find random picture X and think to myself “Wow, who is that hag??” only to realize that it’s me, wiped out from birth.

This was me pretty much, after the first two pregnancies

I made it a point to wear makeup and do something cute to my hair every day while in the hospital.  While I was there, I suffered a supraventricular tachycardia shortly after giving birth.  Even through the trauma of birth AND uncontrollable heart palpitations, I still looked good!  Why?  Because I made myself get up and get cute every morning.  I made myself do it.  I did it.  And now I can look at Talia’s birth pictures with no regrets.  🙂

If you want something, if you really want something, do yourself a favor and get up off your butt and go get it!  Make 2012 a year you can be proud of!  Live 2012 with no regrets!

What are your goals for 2012?  What would you like to accomplish this year?  How do you hold yourself accountable?  Let me know, leave a comment!

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4 thoughts on “…Annnnd, We’re Off And Running

  1. Wow, you don’t let anything stop you when you have a goal in mind! Love it! Great job 🙂

    You are an inspiration. I should try to look good on a regular basis too. I’m sure my husband is tired of how I don’t do anything for my appearance, lol! 🙂

    • I guess it doesn’t help that I get oodles of attention when I *do* take the time to dress up! It makes me think, “Wow, you apreciate when I make the effort to look better than normal. I don’t want to wear out the appreciation so I’ll do it infrequently so it’s always a welcome surprise!” That’s what I tell myself, anyway. 🙂 We all know that men would love to see us looking sexy all the time! Truthfully, I don’t know how some women do it – work, have kids, take care of home, and seem so calm and centered and put together.

      • I think it just depends on what your priorities are. If your priority is to look good, you will take the time to do it. If other things are more important to you, those things will take up your time.

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