Summoning A Breakthrough, Part Two

If you didn’t read Part One, read it here.

…Picking up where we left off…

It had become clear to us that we were facing an eviction.  In a frantic rush we began throwing things into boxes; we didn’t have the luxury of packing methodically and taking our time.  Towels were packed with shoes.  Books were packed with toys.  Clean dishes were packed with dirty dishes.  If it could fit in the box, it went in the box.  We were packing day and night, before work, after work, and well into the night.   We were still packing when the midnight oil burned out.

The thought of being homeless worried us.  The threat of being homeless with two young children scared the crap out of us.  Thankfully, some friends opened their home to us while we transitioned out of our apartment and attempted to find a home of our own.  A month later, with the help of our awesome church, we finally found a home.

We’re into early 2011 now.  Once we got settled into our new home, our focus turned to securing a vehicle of our own.  After much consideration (and some desperation) we decided to buy a minivan from a private party.  The advertisement said that the van had minimal mileage, was well kept and aside from needing a windshield wiper arm replaced, was in good condition.  We were ecstatic about what we thought was a good deal on a good vehicle, but our opinion quickly changed when we saw the person we’d bought the van from on the news…For running an insurance scam from a used car dealership.

Meanwhile the van was at our mechanic’s shop for an inspection, and after he inspected the van he had an entirely different story about the condition of the van than the private party owner did.  Long story short, the van needed repairs that would have cost as much as what we paid for the van.  I was livid.  We’d been duped.

We got a second opinion about the van, this time from a dealership.  They were kind enough to give us a copy of the van’s Carfax report.  Man, if I was livid before, after reading the report I was incensed, livid, cross, and overwhelmingly furious all rolled into one.  I don’t know if there is a word in the English language to adequately describe how pissed off I was.  After doing some more research on the person we bought the van from we found what could be best described as a history of getting over on people.  We presented them with the opportunity to right their wrong, either by paying for the repairs or giving us our money back in exchange for the van.  Sarcastically they said they were not responsible for the van; we bought it, so it was our problem.  Then we told them that we were prepared to take them to court, to which they responded, “Go ahead.”

Meanwhile, I was pregnant with our third child.  The pressure to secure adequate transportation grew as the days passed.  The dealership that was so gracious in helping us before offered to help us again, by helping us find and finance another van that suited our needs that we could afford.  We jumped at the opportunity.  Two months later, our baby was born.

…To Be Continued…

Have you ever been duped?  Bought some snake oil from some shady streetside dealer?  How did you handle it?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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One thought on “Summoning A Breakthrough, Part Two

  1. Oh my gosh, Christina!

    I went with my sister to buy a van from this place called Public Motors in Orange County, CA. (DON’T EVER GO THERE, ANYONE!). The van was listed at $5600, but they tacked on another $4000 in financing fees, etc. (I wish I wasn’t so stupid at the time). We were told the van was in good working condition, so my sister went ahead with it. It turned out there were big problems. We took them to court and I went with my sister as a “witness” but civil court just doesn’t care about the “little man”. The judge took our case at 11:45, just before lunch. And when he was finished listening to us, he just turned to the bailiff and started talking to him about something irrelevant. He completely forgot to dismiss us. So he was just ready for lunch obviously. For some reason, the judge sided with a company that constantly does shady things and has an F on the BBB (which we found out only AFTER purchasing the vehicle). And my sister was getting the van only to take foster 4 of our nieces because our other sister was having issues.

    I definitely feel for you guys…


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