Summoning A Breakthrough, Part Three

Catch up!  Read part one here and part two here.

Sorry for the gap in posting, but Dorian and I have exhausted ourselves trying to prevent another eviction.  More on that later.

Immediately after Talia was born I suffered a heart attack of sorts – a Supraventricular Tachycardia.  My heart thumped madly, wildly, painfully in my chest.  I couldn’t catch my breath and I felt like I was going to faint.  After feeling like that for over an hour, I finally called a nurse.  Less than five minutes later, Talia was whisked away to the nursery and a crash cart was wheeled in.  Were they afraid that they’d have to break out the paddles to revive me?  Apparently so.

Thankfully they didn’t have to use the paddles to revive me, but it was a necessary precaution to take considering that my heart could have stopped.  Instead, I was given medicine intravenously to “reset” my heart.  Shortly thereafter I had a consultation with a cardiologist and had to wear a heart monitor for the following six weeks.  The moral of the story?  Childbirth takes EVERYTHING out of you.  Now I understand just how easy it is for a mother to lose her life after giving birth.  I’m not saying this to scare you; I want you to be informed.

A couple of months after Talia was born, Dorian left his job for another job that paid more and afforded the potential for advancement.  Things seemingly started looking a bit brighter…But, wait for it…ANOTHER BLOW!  Three weeks after Dorian started his new job, on one random day, he was struck with unbelievable abdominal pain.  It is important to point out that Dorian’s constitution is strong.  He doesn’t get shelved for things like a cold or stomach cramps.  But this time he was curled up in the fetal position.  He slept and slept because that was the only thing that would take his mind off the pain.  When he was awake, he was delirious.  He missed a day of work; that was unheard of.

Early the next morning I took him to see his doctor about the pain.  The doctor gave him a good once over then sent him to the hospital for some scans.  It was there at the hospital, five hours later, that our fears were confirmed – Dorian required emergency surgery to remove his appendix.  They admitted him right there on the spot and prepped him for surgery.

Words cannot express the fear and trepidation that gripped me, choked me…My questions were elementary, at best.  What did they see on the scans?  Apparently a problem with Dorian’s appendix.  Were there any other alternatives to him having surgery?  Um, yeah.  Death.  I’m sorry, but my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders right now.  I’m still trying to process the news that YOU WERE ADMITTING HIM FOR EMERGENCY SURGERY.  Forgive me if I ask you common-sense questions while I try to catch up.

Oh snap!  Dorian just started a new job!  We have no medical insurance!  Are they going to fire him for missing time at work?  What are we going to do for income?

Have you ever been faced with a medical emergency?  How did you handle it?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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One thought on “Summoning A Breakthrough, Part Three

  1. Oh my gosh! How scary. no medical insurance, emergency surgery? It just seems like it was one thing after another. It is so difficult to keep a head on your shoulders in moments like that- I don’t think anyone thinks clearly. I’m sure you thought that the doctor was just going to prescribe some medicine to help Dorian out, not surgery! And WHAM. I hope it turned out ok, with the surgery, the cost, and Dorian’s new job…

    I was hit by a 50mph car when I was 16. rushed to the hospital of course. I had to have surgery on my leg, they insterted (more like hammered (after reading the description in the court deposition)) a metal rod down the center of my tibia, and drilled in some screws to hold my bones together. It was not however life threatening once they checked me over, it was evident that I was not going to die from the accident, and luckily my broken leg was the worst of my injuries. It was still freaky, scary, shocking, and unexpected. Scary for my family to go through as well. All on new years day too.

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