Summoning A Breakthrough, Part Five

During, and because of, this unplanned 18-day-long hiatus since my last post I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on this series.  Suddenly, I feel like I’ve been approaching it all wrong.  Everything was, “then this happened, then that happened, yada yada yada…”  When I reread my postings I sounded like a sad country song!  I mean, this is the “Summoning A Breakthrough” series after all, right?  So where’s the breakthrough?

“Lost Direction”, an oil-on-canvas painting by Svetoslav Stoyanov

Right here.

With renewed vision, I can see how my approach had affected my outcome.  Instead of thinking “well, what can I do about it?”, how about “well what can I do about it?”  Instead of you shutting yourself down, how about opening yourself up?

I can’t wait to reveal what happens next.  It’s glorious.

Walk boldly through the doors God opens for you, and don’t become discouraged when He closes one.

— Love Like Jesus (@LovLikeJesus) March 12, 2012

Every setback is a setup for a comeback. God wants to bring you out better than you were before.

— Faith In God (@PrayInFaith) March 14, 2012

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One thought on “Summoning A Breakthrough, Part Five

  1. yes, exactly. Sometimes we have to go through a struggle because God knows the FULL plan (not just the parts we see).

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