Claiming The Victory

When our van died, it unexpectedly opened up our schedule (read:  made it impossible to carry out our plans/schedules) which actually worked in our favor because now without transportation to work, the ability to work vanished as well, which meant that Dorian’s schedule was free to make the trip to Montana!

We found out that the van’s engine needed to be replaced.  Also, the front suspension needs attention and the transmission could use a flush.  We also needed brakes all-around and a headlight replaced.  The driver’s side window motor is going to need to be replaced soon and one of the seat belt mechanisms in the rear of the van needs to be replaced.  But most importantly, we needed to replace the engine; otherwise all that other stuff is irrelevant.

You probably would have balked at some of the estimates we heard for the total price for engine replacement; I know I did.  So we asked for assistance from a trust fund created exclusively for vets that helps with things like home repair, funeral, and car repair expenses.  While we waited for their answer, Dorian traveled west for the orientation.  He learned that a total of about 50 people were invited to the orientation; of that 50, only 18 showed up.  Of those 18 candidates, Dorian had travelled the farthest to attend the orientation.

He wasn’t selected for the job.  And when he came back home, we found out that our request for car repair was denied.  Yup…Feeling pretty crappy now.

We appealed the denial and lost a second time.

By now we had gotten to know our mechanic a bit more and had shared our story with him.  After the second denial he interceded on our behalf and created a repair plan that made our van travel-safe AND satisfied the powers-that-be, so our third attempt was the charm!  Our request for car repair assistance was APPROVED!  Oh, how lovely it felt to catch a break!  But then more exciting news – remember that dream job company I talked about before?  Well, they contacted Dorian again – this time for a different position, a better one with better pay and benefits!  They asked him to attend a hiring event coming up this week!  Be still my beating heart!

Would you choose to attend the hiring event, or would you opt to skip it?  Would you entertain future orientations/hiring events from this company?  And how cool is it to hear some GOOD news for a change??!?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Claiming The Victory

  1. I will be praying Dorian gets the job. But most of all that God’s will happens because God’s will is better than our plan anyway in the long run, right?

    • God is all-knowing and sometimes I think we forget that. We get caught up in trying to direct our lives and forget that God has our lives planned out for us before we come into existience. We have problems when we try to take the reins; once you let God take over, everything falls into place!

  2. Phil

    Yes!!! See me jumping up and down with excitement and two hands waving like a fool!!!

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