Almost Three Months And Some Health Scares Later…

Man, how do you recapture the attention of your faithful readers when you’ve been gone for soooo long?  I guess I should start by offering an explanation for my absence.

Icon of the health stubs template, in BG.WikiAfter Talia was born last year I began having heart issues.  I had the unpleasant privilege of experiencing a supraventricular tachycardia while I was still in the hospital shortly after giving birth.  The adenosine shot they gave me was an awesome experience, but I have a natural curiosity of biology/medicine anyway.  I had to wear a heart monitor for the following month, whose results showed nothing.  I was left to continue on with no real answers, other than the assumption that the birthing process took a toll on my body.

Since then, I’ve had occasional bouts of skipped heartbeats and the feeling of my heart fluttering, as well as the occasional lightheadedness and sometimes overwhelming fatigue.  But being a mother to three children under the age of five and having a home and husband to care for leaves little time for me to take care of me.  So I ignored the fatigue and lightheadedness and heart flutters, until I started having pains in my chest.

One morning, about a month ago, I had to take Talia to a doctor’s appointment.  This is one of those times that I’m glad I’ve developed a rapport with the pediatrician’s office staff over the years because as soon as I walked into the office, they noticed something was wrong with me and offered to call an ambulance.  By then I was having chest pains, sweating and short of breath.  But being the hardheaded person I am, I denied the ambulance, finished the appointment and drove home.  Once I got home I almost passed out on the couch, so we called 911.  I stayed in the hospital for two days while they tried to figure out what was wrong with me.  I survived a litany of pokes, questionnaires and tests only to find out…Nothing.  Nothing was wrong with me, no heart attack, no stroke, nothing.  At my follow-up visit to my doctor, I was advised about anxiety and set up to have a consult with a gastrointestinal specialist.

A few weeks later I went to see the GI specialist and apparently the specialist felt the need to schedule an exploratory endoscopy, ASAP.  I went in for that a couple of weeks ago and will find out its results later this week because apparently I had several biopsies performed during the procedure and biopsies take a few weeks to process.  Meanwhile, I still have no real answers as to why my heart hurts.  I have been busy with trying to find out some answers for myself, experimenting with ways to improve my health, and maintaining my daily responsibilities as a wife and mother.  I have a LOT to live for and I need to do everything in my power to stick around to make sure I can take care of my responsibilities.

Have you ever had a health scare?  How did you handle it?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Almost Three Months And Some Health Scares Later…

  1. How horrid it must be not to know what’s causing your symptoms… I’m sure your doctors are similarly unhappy. It’s nice to know you’re not having heart attacks, of course, but I can imagine it must be bad not knowing what it is – or more importantly, how to make it better.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you find clarity soon!

  2. Hang in there Christina! Just keep trying to stay healthy. You can only do what you can do. Don’t let your worries get to you because that can be detrimental to your health too… I’ll be praying for you and your health and family


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