Is kissing a child on the mouth gross? (via BabyCenter Blog)

Kiss (father version)

Kiss (father version) (Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov)

It’s funny that I saw this on BabyCenter’s blog today because Dorian and I were just talking about this last night. I brought it up because as we were getting the kids ready for bed, Dorian kissed Deuce goodnight on the lips. I’m not grossed out by it or anything, but I wondered aloud how that dynamic would be approached as Deuce gets older.  I’ve never seen Dorian kiss his dad on the lips, after all. “That’s just not the way [my dad] is,” Dorian explained.  “But if Deuce wanted to kiss me on the lips when he’s older, I’d let him.  He’s my son and I love him.”

Whoa.  When Dorian says stuff like that it just blows my mind.  And makes him look like a total stud.  😉

My dad wasn’t around when I was growing up, and my stepdad…Well, let’s just say he chose to show his affection primarily with his fists.  So the male/fatherly role is something I don’t have a lot of positive experience with, and it’s something that I look to Dorian for cues, guidance, and support.  This also is true of our marriage because again, I didn’t have the best examples to study and learn from during my upbringing (but I’ll save that for a later post).

It got me to thinking about my relationship with my mom.  Although I am grown now, my mom still puckers up and expects me to kiss her on the lips whenever we see each other, which I don’t mind because I’m just used to it, I guess.  Perhaps it’s just a cultural thing.

Do you think it’s okay to kiss your child on the lips?  Why or why not?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

Read the original post on BabyCenter’s blog here.

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2 thoughts on “Is kissing a child on the mouth gross? (via BabyCenter Blog)

  1. We don’t do that in my family, but I think it’s harmless as long as everyone’s keeping their mouths closed, lol! 😉

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