Patti LaBelle to pay big for screaming at a baby (via BabyCenter Blog)

I could NOT read this post on BabyCenter without putting my two cents in.  This is just the latest in a string of posts that I’ve read over the last few weeks about people assaulting children (that aren’t even their own!) (not saying that assaulting your own children is right).

As a mother to three small children, I understand children’s unpredictability.  They can be happy one moment and throwing a violent tantrum the next moment, kicking, flailing and all; they can be in your sight one moment and then as soon as you blink, they’re gone.  I’ve had to live through that myself.  One time, while Dorian and I were assembling the chicken wings to get ready to go, Brad disappeared from sight.  We were at church and thought that he was behind us, in the children’s play area.  He wasn’t.  We then checked the church’s nursery areas…No Brad.

***P A N I C K I N G   E N S U E S***

We notified security, then fanned out throughout the church to find him.  All of maybe five minutes had passed since we realized Brad was missing, but it seemed like much, MUCH longer.

Finally someone found Brad.  He was on the other side of the church building, trying to drink from a water fountain and, as is true to Brad’s style, was surrounded by tween girls gushing about how cute he is.

He had to pass TWO other water fountains to get there.

Moral of that vignette:  1)  ALWAYS stay in physical contact with Brad.  2)  If Brad disappears, look for the closest gaggle of women.  He’s likely to be in the center.

But getting back on track…It irritates me that some people feel as if they can verbally or physically assault someone else’s child because that child is being a nuisance to them.  It irritates me because it demonstrates how people feel like they’re entitled to say or do anything they want without repercussion.  You’re taking that whole “It takes a village…” thing a bit too far.  It also irritates me because I know children may act out of line because they know their parents won’t do anything to correct their behavior.  Now, I’m not trying to imply that my children are angels, but they know that if they get to acting crazy on me…Well, mommy’s bat guano crazy too and WILL act crazy in return, and NO KID WANTS THEIR MOM TO GO CRAZY ON THEM.  Remember how mortified you were when you were in school and your mom came up there to find out why you got into trouble?  Yeah, that’s me.  But my kids will probably plead for the school to call Dorian because they will NOT want me to be up in there acting all crazy…

Annnnd re-redirecting the ship again…Let me say this:  If I were EVER (God forbid) placed in a situation where some stranger yelled at my kids for doing whatever, I’d check that person.  Flat out.  STFU because you’re not making the situation any better.  And, if they touch/strike/throw something at/spit on/come too close to my kids…Well, somebody’s going to jail.  Or at least the hospital.

This reminds me of a rant by Oklahoma State University’s football coach Mike Gundy.  In arguably one of the most famous lines of the video (seen here), Coach Gundy beckons to a journalist that’s OBVIOUSLY pissed him off, “Come after me!  I’m a man!  I’m 40!”  That pretty much sums up how I feel.  If you have a problem with my children, come to me.  Let’s handle it like mature adults and set a positive example for my children to see.  Don’t throw a fit and yell and behave like an ass, because then you’re acting just as crazy as the kids are.

Do you think it’s okay for a stranger to physically or verbally try to put someone else’s child in check?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Patti LaBelle to pay big for screaming at a baby (via BabyCenter Blog)

  1. yeah totally. yelling at someone else’s kid is a big no-no. That’s the parents’ job lol! 😉

    j/k. I personally don’t think it’s good to ever yell at own kids, but there are times when that’s the only way to deal, and no one’s perfect. But yeah, shouldn’t yell at other people’s kids…

    • I wish I knew what made people think that it’s okay for them to yell at (or otherwise discipline) someone else’s kids. People take “liberties” too literally. *rolling eyes*

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