Preserving Childhood Memories (The Digital Way)

Now that I’m a parent,  I find myself wishing that I had more of my childhood stuff.  More childhood memories.  I decided a long time ago that when I had kids I would create time capsules for them.  In each of Deuce’s, Brad’s and Talia’s capsules I have the following:

  • The local newspaper from the day they were born.
  • The outfit they came home in.
  • Plenty of baby pictures.
  • Other stuff.

Deuce started school this past September.  He gets homework sent home almost daily, as well as lots of art projects.  Plus, he has a journal that he writes and draws in at the end of each week (which we get to keep at the end of the year!).  That said, we quickly amassed approximately one-and-a-half trees’ worth of paper from homework, art projects, school propaganda, permission slips, a bewildering (and almost disturbing) amount of FUNDRAISER PROPAGANDA, and some hoity-toity letters from the school district on official letterhead.  In other words, a buncha paper.

I wanted Deuce to have some schoolwork from his early years in his capsule, especially if he was particularly proud of it.

Deuce was particularly proud of this poster about himself, as you can see by his goofball grin

Saving Deuce’s schoolwork and papers would undoubtedly prove to be a daunting task to undertake over the years, especially if you know me and my paper organization skills.  Acknowledging that, I came up with a brilliant idea for keeping all those memories without my house looking like a paper factory threw up on it.

Photo source

Thanks to the advancements to modern technology over the last quarter century, I can keep my children’s precious memories in digital form.  I scan all of his papers!  That way I can keep a copy of everything, he can look at it when he gets older, it won’t take up a bunch of room in his capsule or contribute to unnecessary house clutter.  And for the really special stuff, we can save those actual pieces.

A screen capture of some of Deuce’s schoolwork from kindergarten

Isn’t that a supercool idea?

Did you create a time capsule for your children?  Do you save your kid’s masterpieces and schoolwork?  How do you keep it all neat, organized and clutter-free?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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