Deuce Lost His First Tooth!

Our oldest son, Deuce, lost his first baby tooth today.

He was hysterical for a bit.

Since Deuce is our first child, all of his “firsts” are firsts for Dorian and I too.  I remember losing teeth as a child, but I can’t remember losing my first tooth.  I want to make this milestone special for Deuce, but I’m drawing a blank about what to do.  I popped over to Pinterest and did a quick search for ideas.  I want to do something unique, special and artsy, especially if it involves Deuce’s participation.  I found approximately 44,000,962 pins (slight exaggeration).

I love the pin that reads “I lost my tooth in the drain. I hope you are not bummed…”

As much as I would *love* to spend hours and hours pouring over supercute pins, I can’t.  I’ve got two other toddlers running around here and I need to do some house work.  So, my faithful readers, I ask a favor from you:

Have you had a child lose a tooth?  What did you do to celebrate the event?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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