Mommy Genius Strikes Again: Determining Shoe Size

I had to go buy Deuce some shoes the other day and ran into a dilemma:  Deuce would be in school during my only free time of the day to go run this very necessary errand!  How was I going to buy Deuce some shoes if he wasn’t with me?  I would need his actual foot to physically be there to ensure that the shoe I chose fit properly, right?  I mean, how many times have you picked up shoes or an article of clothing based on size because you just KNEW that it would fit, only to be sorely disappointed?  Well for me it has happened quite a few times and let’s just say that I have better things to do with my time than backtracking to a store to do an exchange.

Every now and then, in between hazes of “mommy brain”, a moment of clarity, dare I call it a stroke of genius, happens.  The “AHA!” moment!  What if I trace his foot? I thought to myself.  I could show that to the salesperson and THEY could help me!

I was so pleased with this idea!  It had to work.  I just knew it.  So I had Deuce stomp on a piece of paper so I could trace his foot:

Behold, the mighty Deuce foot.

As soon as I stood back up from tracing his foot, I looked at my drawing and felt kind of sheepish.  This is silly, I thought.  That salesperson is going to look at me and laugh.  What the heck was I thinking??!?  Well, I had taken the time to trace it, so I figured I may as well go through with it, see what happens.

You want me to do WHAT with that, lady?? Hey Paul, c’mere and listen to what this crazy lady just said!
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Thank God I got a salesperson who understood my idea, or at least went along with it.  This perky saleswoman, after I explained my idea and showed her the tracing, looked at it and exclaimed, “What a GREAT idea!”

I was almost beside myself with joy.  I just had to ask.

“…Are you saying that for reals, or are you joking?”  I said it so quickly that I didn’t have time to use my grammar filter.

“No, seriously,” she replied.  “People come in here all the time, looking for shoes for their kids but they don’t know what size shoe they wear.  Then they ask me and I’m like, uh, I don’t know YOUR kid’s shoe size!  At least now we can hold your tracing up to the foot measurer and make a relatively close guess.”

Thank you, kind saleslady.  Thank you for seeing and understanding my vision, and not making me out to be a crazy lady.

So we figured out Deuce’s shoe size, I bought a couple pairs of shoes and came home.  When Deuce got home from school I had him try them on and wouldn’t you know it – my idea worked!  The shoes fit Deuce perfectly!  Again, I was beside myself.  Score one for Mommy Genius.

Have you had a parenting “genius moment” that you’re particularly fond of and would like to share?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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