The First Post of 2013!

I’m terribly late, I know.  You’re so mad at me for disappearing and not blogging for over two months, I know, and I’m sorry.  I have horrible time management skills.  That, and apparently a horrible immune system.  Would you believe I’ve been sick for almost the entire time since my last post?  Oh yeah, your girl’s got it bad.  I’ve had two bad colds (that Deuce brought home from school and breezed through in like, a day), Christmas, a pneumonia scare, the New Year, a swollen salivary gland (that I was originally told was possibly a stroke) and, the piece de resistance, the flumonia (which is MY word, I’m patenting it!) – a flu that morphed into pneumonia which I am still currently recuperating from.  Today is the second day that I’ve done more than get out of bed and stand up under my own power.


I told you I had it bad.


I guess since this is my first post of 2013 I should address resolutions or something.  But I’m not the type of person to buy into the whole “resolutions” thing.  I’m all for new beginnings but I feel that if you’re real about the changes you want to make then any day can be your January 1st.  You don’t have to wait for a specific day to try to improve yourself.  That being said I don’t have a list of resolutions to share.  Resolutions are like empty promises that are just waiting to be broken.  If you want change, then be the change you want to see.


If I absolutely HAD to choose a resolution, I guess it would be to improve my time management skills.  I guess time will tell if I stick to it.


How is your 2013 going so far?  Have you given up or forgotten your resolutions yet?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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