Where Can I Find Indestructible Kids’ Shoes?

Deuce, our five-year-old, kills shoes.  It’s like he has shark teeth on his feet or something.  He always scuffs the front of his shoes off, layers and layers that kid rips through until you can dang near see his socks!

An accurate representation of the damage Deuce deals to shoes

Buying shoes for him at discount stores (like Walmart and Payless) is a waste of money because those shoes would be ruined in a month.  I’m so not exaggerating.  We’ve tried buying name brand shoes – Nike (which lasted okay, but the front still got sort of messed up) and Fila (we’re trying them now, he’s had them for about two weeks and aside from a little top layer scruffage they’re holding up well).

What shoes do you buy for your active little ones?  Which brand of shoes have stood the tests of time and abuse?  Which brand can take a licking and last longer than a month?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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