A Serious Case Of Mommy Brain

So I finally upgraded to iOS 7 on my iPhone this past weekend.

Picture courtesy of fanpop

Really?” my husband asked, with ^that^ same quizzical look on his face.

Well, yes.

I’m not the type to immediately jump on the new and shiny things.  I wait a while to check it out. My reasoning is this:  I don’t care how big a company’s testing group is, once your product finally gets released to the masses, there are bound to be some bugs or flub-ups. I wait until all the commotion dies down and the bugs have been fixed, after the initial updates have been sent out, so when I finally DO upgrade I can enjoy one smooth, seamless transition.

And I thought everything went well…The update installed quickly, all my contacts and calendar info was transferred successfully, and I immediately noticed how “pretty” the new update looked.  Another thing I noticed was that my phone was quiet.  For a day and a half.  That doesn’t normally happen.  I am the type that’s always getting a text message or mail alert or game alert, with maybe an actual phone call sprinkled in somewhere. 🙂  But for a day and a half, my phone was absolutely silent. I was baffled.

I was a bit reluctant to say something to my husband, because since he upgraded to iOS 7 MONTHS ago, he’s experienced problems with his music files on his iPhone. I didn’t want my phone to be acting janky also, because that meant both of us would have had to take a trip to the Apple Store.  And we all know what kind of trap that is…I dare you to walk into an Apple store and come out empty-handed.  You just can’t.  It hurts your phyche.

It wasn’t until my husband called me that I realized what was going on. My phone vibrated like normal, but there was no sound. Then it hit me – my phone had somehow gotten turned to silent mode and had been that way for the last day and a half!

Picard facepalm cookies

Picard facepalm cookies (Photo credit: justjenn)

Yes, that was me, my friends.  Face.  In.  Palm.  I mean, how could I have missed THAT?

Have you had a serious case of mommy brain before?  What was your “aha!” moment?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “A Serious Case Of Mommy Brain

  1. I don’t have Mommy brain (I suppose Dave and I would have to have kids for that) but I do have a lot of face in palm moments. My brain takes regular vacations. I have accidentally left my phone on silent before and of course that is when all of the important calls/texts/messages come in.

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