Plinko Skiing – The Hottest Winter Olympic Sport You’ve Never Seen

So if you didn’t notice, the Winter Olympics is on tv.  Honestly, I don’t care.  Yes, I respect the athlete’s ability to do the stuff that they do. But I don’t care.

Is it wrong of me to admit that the only vested interest I have in watching the Olympics is to watch someone faceplant?  Because I’ll be honest, that’s the only reason I watch.  My husband gets hype about the Olympics and has watched it every evening since they started.  And since he’s watching it on the biggest tv in the house, which is right along the main thoroughfare of the house, odds dictate that my eyes will be assaulted at least once a day.  So if I’m essentially going to be forced to watch it, I propose that the Olympic Committee add this sport to its roster:


Yeah, that perked your ears up, right?  But hey, it would get me to watch.

You remember the game Plinko, right?  It came on the tv game show The Price Is Right.  Basically the contestant stood at the top of this platform and dropped a disc down the front of the platform.  The platform had pegs randomly placed all over the face of it, which would alter the descent of the disc.  The disc would finally land at the bottom, inside a partition that marked the prize you won.  Here is the game in action:



Now combine that with freestyle skiing.  Take a mountainside, blanket it with snow, rope off a descending course between some trees and let the skiers have at it!  And just for shiggles, keep the layout of the course a mystery to the participating skiers.  They would have no idea of the layout of the course beforehand.  They would just have to react to the terrain as it comes.  As long as they make it to the bottom without creaming a tree or running into the course ropes, they win!  Medals would be awarded based on the time it takes to complete the run.

I WOULD SO WATCH PLINKO SKIING!!!  There’s mystery, intrigue, egotism, and even a bit of danger.  😉

Would you watch Plinko Skiing?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

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